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Book Tour + Excerpt + Giveaway | Sunder of Time by Kristin McTiernan


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By Kristin McTiernan
Time Travel/Alternate History
Paperback & ebook, 380 Pages
May 12, 2015

Isabella Jaramillo is accustomed to getting what she wants.

Living a comfortable life as the daughter of the world’s sole time travel magnate, Isabella has never suffered the irritation of being told no.

Only now, she has gone too far, and her soon-to-be ex-husband tells her no in the most vengeful way possible—by sabotaging her trip to the past, sending her to a distant land where the locals do not speak her language and are far from impressed by her haughty demeanor.

Now a slave, Isabella makes some surprising allies and discovers the truth behind her father’s rise to power and the terrible price the entire world paid for it. Somehow, she must break free and find a way home, not only to save herself but to restore history to its rightful direction.

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“What blasted use have I for a woman, M’lady?” Redwald’s gravelly voice was stilted and tight from the anger that flushed his features. “She won’t be able to lift the pelts.”

Even leaning back against his scraping table, Redwald was tall and imposing.  His dark eyes swept a disapproving glare over Deorca, who stood still as a doe in a meadow next to Thorstein in the corner of the room.

“She’s the size of an ox, Redwald, and just as strong if Garrick is to be believed. I assure you, this isn’t permanent. But she can be of use to you and learn some humility in the meanwhile.  She’s a vain and disobedient wretch who, I have no doubt, can benefit from your instruction.”

Thorstein could swear that Annis was glowing as she spoke.

“Well, M’lady, I remember you not liking my ways of dealing with disobedient women—”

“Hilde is my servant, and bruising on her reflects poorly on me. I have no such qualms about this one. You have a free hand.”

“Mm.” Redwald ran his hand through his black wavy hair and walked steadily over to Deorca, who shifted her eyes to the floor. “You speak Saxon, Woman?” He tapped the underside of her chin to make her look at him. “I won’t stand for that foreign jabber.”

“Some,” was her small reply.

“She understands simple phrases, Redwald. But she’s still learning. You will likely need to demonstrate to her,” Thorstein explained.

Redwald turned his hateful glare full onto Thorstein. “Thank you for that lesson, Boy. Why don’t you tell me how to dress myself? I have trouble with that too.”

Thorstein’s ears burned, but he knew better than to fire off a retort at the old man. Instead, he turned to Deorca.

“You’ll work every day with Redwald now. After you draw water and eat, report here.  Tanners finish their work before sundown, so you can still come to lessons and confession.” He lowered his voice, not knowing how much Latin Annis understood. “Redwald is cruel and hates women. Obey him instantly, don’t roll your eyes, and don’t speak in any language other than Saxon. When he hits you, don’t hit back.”

Other Books in the Series

By Kristin McTiernan
Time Travel/Alternate History
Paperback & ebook, 323 Pages
October 9, 2017

Knowledge isn’t power. It’s dangerous.

At first, she thought they’d do the right thing. A new timeline created by a misbehaving time traveler, a whole society crushed under theocratic oppression. Surely, the council would see reason. Surely, they’d help her fix the timeline.

They didn’t.

Now jailed and under the constant, unblinking eye of her own personal guard, Shannan must fight not only for her freedom but for her own sanity.

Her one ally is Paul Canaan, a member of the Council but not truly one of them. Living a life of secrets and lies, Paul works in the shadows to free Shannan, and himself, from the artificially created timeline oppressing them both.

Together, Shannan and Paul will have to escape their watchers—before they, and the world, are trapped in a history that should never have been.

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About the Author

Kristin McTiernan was born the daughter of a career military man and spent her childhood bouncing from one country to another. Her love of writing surfaced early. Upon discovering the double threat of comic books and Star Trek in middle school, Kristin spent most of her spare time creating new worlds and interesting people to populate them. Following her parents' footsteps, Kristin enlisted in the Marine Corps at 17 and, upon her discharge three years later, settled into a life pursuing her love of words. She achieved her bachelor's degree in English from Emporia State University in her home state of Kansas and works as an editor to support her writing addiction. She lives in Kansas City with her husband and dog.

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